Free Audio Books

Audio books are recorded versions of written text. The audio version may not be an exact reading of what is written in the book as slight changes may be made in order that the recording is easy to understand while conveying the same message. It is possible to download free audio books online that can be played using virtually any mp3 player, iPhone, or on your computer or laptop. Audio book companies tend to run offers that enable you to download free talking books online quickly and easily.

Talking Books

Books are meant to be read and, as such, do not always translate as well to speech. Unabridged audio books are those which offer you a word for word reading of the text while. These unabridged versions can last for 20 hours or more and, especially in the case of longer books, it is commonplace to find abridged versions which are condensed so that the listener does not have to sit through such long listening sessions to enjoy the story within the book.

Free Audio Books Online

It is possible to download many free audio books online. As well as those books that are now in the public domain, and can therefore be downloaded freely, it is even possible to download some of the latest novels, stories, and books completely free. Reading has become less common as modern life has become faster paced and few of us have the time to really sit down and pay attention to a good book. Free audio books online provide a beneficial way to enjoy the latest books without having to sacrifice time.

Once you have downloaded free audio books online you can listen to them virtually anywhere. You can listen to them on your mp3 player while running or even while walking the dog and you can dock your iPod or iPhone and listen to them while doing the dishes or while eating your tea. You can even tether your mp3 player to your car stereo and listen while driving to and from work. Downloading talking books online means that you can enjoy the latest titles whenever you want.

Whether you are visually impaired and struggle to read for any length of time, or you enjoy the convenience of having books read to you, downloading free audio books online is a beneficial way of enjoying the latest content. You can select books by your favourite authors and, as well as fiction, you can choose from a wide range of non-fiction and factual publications too.

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